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storm udon thani province / ban dung issan


last night torrential rain was nothing uncommon but the winds that came shooting up the road in ban dung where i was taking refuge at Garry.s bar last night where just that little bit stronger then ive experienced
as the rain subsided after a couple of hours i made my way home at a snails pase and even in the dark the power of the strom was really evident photos from the village give you a idea of the winds power the highway was in places partly covered buy large branches that really do take some serious force to be ripped out of place

after talking to friends in udon thani it seems the storm did the full circuit even as i made my way home last night the sky was full of lightning from far left to far right if you have seen the film perfect storm you get the picture in hindsight i was probably unwise to attempt to make it home and can honestly say i was a little nervous
there was some serious home damage done in this issan village so i expect to see much more later today who said village life was boring well certainly not for the familey scared to death hiding in there home as part of it was ripped to pieces

not from last night but this is what we where up against the power of the wind

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