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new expat club in the north east /udon thani issan


having just met Lars who is heading up the new expat club i was a little sceptical at first but he does have some great ideas OK most are not original but the idea.s are sound one.s
udon thani and issan as greatly changed in the last 9 years i myself have been familiar with the region the expat club idea is not a new one to this area i was a member of the expat club started in khoen khen many moons ago since long gone but with the massive influx of expats from all over the globe i see this club hopefully succeeding where they failed well here goes i will post the information given to me so you may judge yourself

-USA-Aussie-Irish-ducth-our other country's EXPATRIATED

living in udon nong khai khon kaen kalasin
and of course all surrounding areas in the north east

maybe you wont to be one of the members in the north eastern expats club in udon thani that we together are willing to start up here in the north east in severeal regions of Thailand there are big clubs for expats and short stayers
like pattaya Bangkok chiang mai and other places

we do miss that up here in this region
today we are some people from different country's who has plans to start up here in udon not only for European folks because we wont all country's to be welcome if you feel this could be something for you
in other expat clubs they have a lot of information from every meeting and also visitors from hospitals immigration government and many other organisations /institutions
and much much more
we would certainly be happy if you would like to join us and build something that we all can share in the future
this gave you a thought wont to hear more
email our call Thailand mob = 0066 0864509380

OK well for me i just joined even so i am not a full expat yet i would like to be kept up to speed via e mail and Lars plans to do this for all members i like is approach to sponsors IE not to allow anyone from outside the club to put pressure on what is said there our recommended to others the guy as some integrity and many years experience from a professional backround which should guide this new idea well i wish him luck and success only time will tell

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